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Welcome to visit Fujian Wansheng Fire-fighting Apparatus Co., Ltd.! 中文版 |Product | Contact Us

Fujian Wansheng Fire-fighting Apparatus Co., Ltd.

Million liters of fire, quality first, service-oriented
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Fujian Wansheng Fire-fighting Apparatus Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Su
Add: 1-9 #, Kangfu Road, Kangmei Town, Nan'An, Fujian, China

About UsWelcome to visit Fujian Wansheng Fire-fighting Apparatus Co., Ltd.

Fujian Wansheng Fire-fighting Apparatus Co., Ltd.is a manufacturing type enterprise taking gas fire fighting as main business. Our company is located in Nan’An of Fujian Province. Major products are hfc-227ea series products, such as, cabinet-type hfc-227ea fire extinguishing apparatus, hanged hfc-227ea fire extinguishing apparatus, hanged dry powder fire extinguishing apparatus, firetrace extinguishing system, IG541 mixed gas apparatus. There is large amount of fixed assets, strong technical force, advanced equipment and volume-produce capacity. Our products are with top grade quality, reasonable price, beautiful appearance and perfect design. Our serve tenet is to create NO.1 brand in this industry. And we acquire support from users due to our effort and service. Our company warmly welcomes visit and order. We provide engineering proposal and budgeting for free. We offer design, installation, debugging, maintenance service of HFC-227ea, carbon dioxide, IG-541, aerosol fire extinguishing system.
Our company insists on operation principle of “in good faith, be professional, mutual-benefit”. Your satisfaction has become our pursuit. We will offer warm-hearted service to you.


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